Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Hiking Trip to "Y" Mountain

Yesterday we hiked up to the BYU "Y" up on the mountain. I took this picture from our house so you can see where we hiked to.

Here is a picture of at the Y. Some of us got very sleepy!

"If you want me to stop drinking your water .. you'll have to wrestle me"

Look how cute he is with his first sun-burn. We didn't think he'll get sun-burned becasue the hike was only about an hour .... and it was cold! Next time, we'll put some sun block on.

Well .. here you go. This is the view looking out from the Y on the mountain. There is no evidence of the Y on the ground, but I can ensure you that we really did walk to the top! It was actually a bad day to walk to the Y because we forgot that it's BYU graduation and there was SOOO many people. But we still had fun, and an occasional chat to the people anxious to take a break. In the distance, you can see Utah Lake and the Provo Bay. Hopefully in a couple months we'll have some visits to the lake that we can share with you. We haven't really explored the lake much, but we intend to! There is so much to do here in Utah that we don't know what to do first!

Well ... this next picture isn't exactly related to the Y mountain hike ... But i'm happy to see that it won't be long before we don't have to carry him all the way! I'm looking forward to the time when he can walk himself ... and when we actually have to chase him to keep up. (That would be nice!)

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