Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ben's First Day of Preschool!!

Ben's First Day of School. You can follow their preschool Blog at

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ben's Magic Show

Here is Ben enjoying his popcorn while watching the show and waiting his turn. :) On Saturday Night, our ward did a talent show night. Since Ben loves to show off his magic tricks we asked him if he wanted to do his magic at the talent night and sing his favorite song, I am a Child of God. He was excited to do it! So we practiced a little routine and when Saturday night came he was super excited and went right up there and did it. I could tell he was a little nervous while doing it, but he did know exactly what he wanted to do and I'm just impressed he did it and wasn't shy about it at all. The place was packed full too. We are very proud of him!

Here is a link to video of his performance:
(oh and I'm his "beautiful assistant". LOL!
Every magician needs their beautiful assistant, right?!)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Video

Okay, here is the ultrasound video :) so crazy to see how active she was during the ultrasound.

Ultrasound video:

And the Verdict is...

We're having a GIRL!!!!!

Check out the Ultrasound pics at my Facebook page:

Videos soon to come, since it takes years to upload to youtube.

We are beyond excited and I've already got my plans for decor in her little space of the house. :-)

The first picture I absolutely love the birds (or fancy butterflys?) going up the wall. I want to do something similar.

This second and third pictures shows a butterfly mobile with the butterflys on the wall. Totally love that!! Ours will have to be colorful since we have practically white walls and I love you can make it yourself. Not sure if I'll do the birds or butterflys. They are both so cute!
I love the tropical Hibiscus flower and would love to incorporate them by maybe painting a few on mini-canvases as a picture arrangement on one of the walls. and then a few wood block letters of her name. Can you tell I'm excited for her to come?! :-)

Saturday, October 15, 2011


After a long year and a half, I am so excited to finally announce Benjamin will be a BIG BROTHER!!

BABY #2 will make his/her debut June 20, 2012!!

We are very excited and looking forward to bringing another precious child into our lives. It is long overdue and we couldn't be happier.

Interesting tidbits on finding out:

**I couldn't sleep the other night and took a home test at 3:00am and was positive!!! I even woke Ricky up to tell him. Then I couldn't believe it and took a second one at 6:00am and it was still positive. It was so unreal...I've taken several pregnancy tests over the last year and a half and always negative and then start my period the day I take it.

**I couldn't wait a month to confirm the pregnancy with my doctor, since we've been trying for over a year to get pregnant, and so I visited a free clinic near the strip, which added a ghetto/memorable experience to confirming my pregnancy. Never again!!! But they were really nice and I learned way more than I needed to know about the risks of abortion. LOL!! But the lady consulting me was so nice and excited for me and even wanted a hug. I think she was happy to encounter someone who actually wanted to be pregnant and have a baby.

**Told Ben today and he was so happy! He wanted to tickle the baby and kept asking if the baby was ready to come. He understands days by how many "sleeps", so we told him the baby will come in 280 "sleeps". and he enjoyed looking at pics on the internet of what the baby looks like now and in the coming weeks. and when we told him he could help out by changing diapers, he said "but I don't know how to wipe his butt!" So, he's excited along with us.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Memories...remembering my wonderful roomies of #409

Tonight I watched the 25th Anniversary edition of Les Miserables. I love love LOVE Les Mis!!! The story and the music is beautiful. It brought back memories of being introduced to it at BYU, in Apt #409 at The Colony by my roommate Kira!! So, not only did I enjoy watching this concert, but I got to enjoy memories of my bestest friends and coolest apartment! 

Thinking of you all tonight :) 

               Kira, Heidi, Becky, Shelley, Megan, Jennalee, Kate, Natalie...

Friday, August 12, 2011


This week I had a friend share the most amazing and beautiful and sad story with me through trying to help a little baby girl named Ruby. And as I read Ruby's story, and as I thought of all the lost loved ones recently of many of my friends... it has changed me. I hope that I can remember their stories and appreciate all I've been blessed with and not take life forgranted. One of the most favorite things I read on Ruby's blog is this:


The old me thought I was tired and stressed out. The old me was unsatisfied with my clothes, my weight, and my ugly carpet. The old me dreaded hearing the babies cry over the monitor, too early in the morning. The old me was bored watching cartoons, and folding laundry. The old me hated making breakfast, and pour endless sippy's full of milk every day. The old me dreaded running errands with two kids to get in and out of car seats and into shopping carts. The old me did not think it was a big deal to spend a Saturday at the beach, or paddle boating around the lake. The old me was tired and grump from walking up the hill to our house from the lake. The old couldn't wait until nap time, when I could have some time to myself. The old me hated doing dishes, and checking the mail. The old me rushed bedtime and skipped pages in bedtime stories. The old me sang lullaby's quickly, and was relucted to sing, "just one more."

What was the old me thinking?!

My heart is literally aching right now to have my old life back, but with my new perspective. What I would give to have my whole family home on a rainy Sunday morning, making breakfast, and delivering chocolate milk on a fancy platter to my little Kate. I want to forget about the dirty dishes, and get down on the floor with my girls and play, play, and play. I would be thankful for that cheap carpet, because it beats none at all. I dream of the day that I get to wake up in my bed, and hear BOTH girls waking me up early in the morning. I will make them whatever they want for breakfast, and turn the music up loud and dance while I make their pancakes (because I know that is what Kate will want.) I will get them dressed and spend time gently combing and doing their hair, and breathing them in. I won't rush them. What is the rush about anyway? I'll load them in their carseats, and give them kisses while I buckled them in. I'll be happy listening to Disney songs as we drive to Target, or McDonald's, or the park. I'll chase them, and tickle them, and push them on the swings. We will spend our evenings playing outside, and cooking dinner together in the kitchen. Bath time will be long and drawn out, just like it should be. Bedtime will have lots of cuddling, and a few bedtime stories read slowly while doing the appropriate voices for Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and Goldilocks. Matt and I will fall into bed exhausted together, and thank Heavenly Father for this new perspective on life and what is truly important and ask that we might be able to always remember.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ben's tooth

Here is a closeup of Ben's new smile! This was taken during one of his adventures with pudding. I didn't mind since he was at the table and we had time for a bath afterwards. He had a lot of fun smearing that pudding everywhere especially on his face, hair and the table.

After I posted the garden pictures I realized there is one that shows Ben with his missing tooth and realized I never posted about such a significant event in his life. In September 2009 we noticed Ben had an infection in his mouth. We tried one dentist that was crazy and gave us an antibiotic and the infection went away and so we decided not to worry about it. Then with our move on Oct 2010 the infection came back. This time we found a child specialist and they immediately said it needs to come out. I was really sad thinking about my poor boy having to go through all that and losing a tooth so early, but a friend told me that her daughter had the same thing and it suited her and she was right. I miss his cute smile, but his new smile is super cute too! At the dentist visit he was given a medicine to sedate him and then he played for 45 minutes in the waiting room. I didn't really notice a difference in his behavior until we got into the room. In the play room the other kids were all getting loopy and one kid fell off his chair randomly while playing, but Ben seemed to be his same energetic self. In the room they gave him laughing gas and he loved putting the mask over his mouth and he just lay there not moving. They cleaned his teeth first and he was so content. Only one parent was allowed in and so Ricky waited in the waiting room. Then he slightly freaked out when they wiggled his tooth out, but it happened so fast and he had all that medicine to calm him that it was not really a big deal. We told him how cool he was to have his tooth out and he slept the rest of the day. We also had this done 2 days before we flew out for Christmas!!! When we got home he put his tooth that was inside the treasure box under the Christmas tree for the toothfairy. At first we were going to do his pillow but I thought there was no way it would stay under the pillow of a 3 year old and he'd probably end up swallowing it!! :) So, the toothfairy brought him the talking Woody doll (also what would a 3 year old do with money!) He was so excited to get the "present" from the toothfairy and a note (that Ricky wrote up) from the toothfairy.

The tooth in its treasure box under the tree.

Ben and Woody the next morning


Friday, March 4, 2011

Gardening together as a Family

We are so excited to have been blessed to be out of apartment life and into a home that we couldn't resist doing a garden even if its a tiny one. We did tomatoes in pots about 2 summers ago and it was amazing to have fresh tomatoes. Although we had to fight off deer! This year we're pretty sure no deer, so we're excited to grow. We actually are so excited that we started planting elsewhere from our garden too. LOL! You'll see in the pictures. It has already been a great family activity and gets Ben outside each day to see if his seeds have grown. :)

BEFORE: This is a before shot of part of the backyard! Yikes!! We had to prune back trees and dig out a lot of dead bushes and bush stubs. On the very first bush Ricky tried to dig out he busted the borrowed shovel. So off to the store to get some tools! We moved alot of rocks that day too.

Digging Trenches and moving so many rocks!

Putting in the little fence around our garden
Ben was such a great helper!

It took us about 3-4 days to get the garden prepped. Ricky turned the dirt and we added composted manure and some planting mixes to add nutrients to our soil. Then watered it and had to let it sit for 2-3 days before we could plant.

Now we have to download more pictures to show our garden updates. And we have endless weeds to pull up still. We found out that Ben and I are highly allergic to something in the air and while trimming the trees he developed this horrible allergic rash on his arms and legs. But it has been fun!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

And the new year begins... 2010 recap crazy stories of our life!

I still can't believe its 2011 already!! Ben is pretty much potty trained. Today at church he wanted to use the toilet by himself and didn't want me to follow him to the bathroom. Then he ran down the hallway to the bathroom. This was bathroom trip #2 and Ricky had taken him to the bathroom first into the men's bathroom. So, since Ben is running ahead of me he makes it into the Men's Bathroom!!! before I could get to him and he would not come out. LOL!! So, I had to wait in the hallway for him and it was pretty nerve racking letting him be in there all alone. I couldn't go back and get Ricky in case Ben came out while I was gone, plus Ricky was in Sacrament mtg.! So, I waited and after a few minutes he comes out and had gone pee. Hoping he peed in a toilet and not on anything or anyone, hoping he didn't put his hand all over a dirty toilet and that everything was ok in there!!! He was very proud of himself though and seemed to have more confidence in himself. Apparently he used the toilet during primary too and he did keep his pull-up dry the whole day.

I knew he was ready, but with all the changes that happened this last year, we were never stable enough to bring on this stressor for him, he was dealing with enough. We moved 4 times in the last year. From the only home he knew in Provo, Ut to Ricky's Parents house in Las Vegas, NV and then into an apartment in the SW part of town after Ricky was able to find a job. It was really hard, stressfull and overwhelming to deal with living out of suitcases with all our stuff packed away and then also not really knowing anyone in a new town and going from working full-time at an AMAZING job (seriously loved that job) and working out 3 times a week during lunch breaks, having Ricky around all the time and living in probably the best basement apartment in all of Provo and then leaving it all behind. We knew we were guided back to Vegas, but it was so hard to remember that when your life gets thrown into a tornado and everything is swirling around you in chaos. So, about 3 months after we moved into a great apartment, we were at my in-laws house for dinner and afterwards were watching a movie. Ricky was tired and all of a sudden was like "I'm tired and we NEED to go home NOW". The way he said this it was like ok let's go! He usually is not so abrupt and sometimes can be persuaded to finish the movie. Anyway, we get home and about 20 minutes later we hear gun shots and a woman screaming for help right outside our OPEN kitchen window. Ricky and I were close to the window and just dropped to the ground and then I looked up and saw Ben walking out of his room towards ME!! I had no idea what was going on. People upstairs are causing a lot of chaos too and so we thought maybe something was going on with them, but didn't know where the shooter had gone or was going to go. Every room in our apartment has windows or doors leading right to the incident. I have never felt more exposed and unsafe in my life. We hid in the master bath and called 911. About 5 mins and the cops and EMT were there and taking care of the scene. We were so shaken up!! and poor Ben was awake during the whole thing. Also, dogs started barking after the shooting and when Ben saw the lady on the floor he said that a dog hurt the lady. For weeks afterwards he would tell me that the dogs hurts that lady. It was sad, but we hadn't taught him anything about guns and so he didn't have any background to understand that a gun did it. But, Ben had to go to bed that night with police flashing blue and red light through his blinds lighting up his room. We felt a little ghetto that night. For weeks afterwards if Ben heard a dog he would get so scared and say "hurry hurry to the bathroom". He even liked to just act it out for fun and wanted us to sit in the bathroom just like we did that night. How horrible for my poor little child to have to experience this. Especially after leaving beautiful and peaceful Provo! So, then 3 days later our neighbor comes knocking on our door at 8pm telling us that he caught some kids with a skate board looking into our apartment through our living room window. We were home and in the living room at that time and the neighbor had called the cops. We were so freaked by everything that we packed up our things and camped out in Ricky's old room (all 3 of us) that night at his parent's house. How creepy to have someone looking into your apartment watching you live your private life!! The next day we went to the managers and asked to move to an upstairs apartment. We found a good one and moved again!! That was #3 in 6 months. We had tons of problems with our neighbors in that apt, because they said we made too much noise. Ummm....hello, we have a 3 yr old!! Yeah... they didn't get it. But at least we didn't have to worry about shooters or peeping toms. So the lady was shot 2 times in the stomach and survived. It was a random attack, apparently they followed her in and tried to steal her purse and she didn't know them. 3 days later they were caught and one was shot and killed, the shooter arrested. We still don't know who the peeping tom was, but noticed they had new renters for that apartment within a week. Then in October 2010 we moved into a beautiful house and seriously to be renting a house vs. an apt is no comparison. A house rules!! Its soooo much better and we are loving it. We even have a little back yard that Ben is doing very well playing in. Although, he really needs a playmate. :) Can we say Brother or Sister for 2011?! Hopefully, we starting trying about a year ago right before the shooting happened and then it just didn't happen. After about 4 months or so we just kind of let it go considering how stressful everything already was.

More crazy stories to come... What a year and I'm glad to never have to redo it. Yuck!!! I have a good feeling about this year. Especially since I got to start off the New Year with all my family in New Jersey, then come home to great surprises and a Husband with a great work schedule compared to last year and then right off the bat I get to see one of my most dear and best friends, Kira, and her mom Lisa while they visited here because of a family reunion. It was such precious time to be able to see her and talk and visit.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Halloween...alittle late. LOL!!!

Here are some pics of our Halloween this year. We are also creating albums on Facebook to be able to post more. So, add us as friends and you can check 'em out. (Jennifer Cole and/or Ricky Cole)

Trunk or Treat. He is in love with Buzz and Toy Story!!

Ben on the bungee cords ride. Not sure what its called, but he flew super high in the air over and over again because the worker would bounce him. He kept asking to go higher and was never afraid. He would have gone all night too!! even though it was freezing cold and we forgot to have him wear socks!! It was truly amazing. I wanted to do it too!!

The pumpkin patch gives the kids a coloring page to color and bring back and you get a free ride. Here's his pumpkin. He said it was his scary pumpkin!! He liked the gray pumpkins they had at the pumpkin patch because we told him they were scary pumpkins. LOL!!

Picking out a pumpkin. :)

The carving pumpkins night!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Benjamin 3 yrs old!!! Family Pictures...

Here are some pictures of Ben at 3 yrs old and our yearly traditional family photos.

Our Family October 2010...

Ben wanted to be the photographer and so this was the result. Pretty good!!

Awwww! Daddy and son

Love his facial expressions!!

Natural cutie!!

Outside our apartment playing with his new scooter he got for his birthday!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Tooth Fairy is making an early visit...

Well, its happening... I am sad because it means my baby is growing up. I know its premature and we'll have 3 or 4 yrs before they all start coming out and I think the prematurity (if that's even a word) of the situation is why it hurts. I want to see my child as still my baby!!!

So, here's what happened. About 1 1/2 yrs ago Ben hurt his front teeth and went through this whole healing process where they turned brown and then they went white again. Well, right after we moved to Vegas last year he got an infection on his gums right by one of the teeth he hurt. We went to a not so good dentist and she was not helpful but he took antibiotics and it went away. Then when we moved into our house the infection came back and so he finally went to a new dentist and sure enough, the whole tooth is infected and needs to come out!!! I'm very sad, because it is one of his front 2 teeth. I think we're going to be okay and I've been discussing it with Ben and he and Ricky seem to be taking it fine, like no big deal.

So, one more set of Family pics and videos of him with a full set of teeth and then on Dec. 14th the Toothfairy will be making a visit to our house to collect Ben's first tooth. A big moment that is coming a few years early. It's weird to me that it is so difficult for me and not for Ricky and I think its just because I view losing teeth as growing up and because it's happening before its supposed too and I wasn't prepared emotionally. :) I'm getting there...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Never take the normal things in life for granted...

We moved into our new home about 1 month ago and we have never been happier here in Vegas. It is so nice to have our own place, no shared walls and feel free to be our LOUD selves. LOL!!! Ben is having so much fun exploring and mostly climbing, jumping and running. Pics to come...

Today with Ben...
Ben: I love Jesus!
me: You do? I love Jesus too
Ben: i want to tell Jesus I'm sick. He has doctors, Jesus has doctors.

Attending church as a family seemed like such a far off miracle that I have since realized I took it for granted that my family growing up went to church together as a family and that when I got married it would be the same. We'd go to church as a family. Little did I know the path in store for us and we realized that Ricky would have to work on Sundays for now. After a long year of prayers and faithful endurance, Ricky got the opportunity to switch to evening shifts at work and attend church with us this last Sunday. Ben was so good during sacrament meeting! He mainly obsessed over his squirrel book and flipping through his mini scriptures. And then there was the occasional instant bear hug to Daddy and huge smile from Ben. It was so cute! It's been almost a year since we got to attend church as a family and I feel very blessed to be a family at church again! He still has to work in the evenings, but we'll take what we can get for now!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Sarah was on the front page of the Utah Daily Herald!! So Awesome!! Had to share her empowering swing at the Smash Car event to help support the Boys and Girls Club and the kids that she works with. Wish I could have been there to join you in bashing that car. I would have loved to do that to my 1987 Ford Escort!!

My Favorite Picture below!

What a fun job you get to have!! Thanks for sharing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday Ricky, Ben and I were riding in the car to the store. Out of no where Ben, in the best robot voice EVER, says "TAKE...YOUR...SEAT...BELT...OFF" over and over again. Super creepy and super funny!!!

Letting it all go...

I have been inspired by one of my good friends, Spencer, who has lost 100 lbs in the last year!! Go Spencer!! So proud of you. I've decided its time for me to let it all go too. I have 40-50 lbs to lose starting yesterday! It's time to LET IT ALL GOOOoooo...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MaryKay Sale for July thru August!!!

Sale for July thru August is 35% off previous product packaging and 25% off everything else!! I'm so excited to try the coconut lime body set, the new satin hands peach set and the toning lotion. I love all their new eye colors too. I love the MaryKay products! Free shipping and gift with purchase with orders over $40 too!

Check out online

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Family...

Here are some recent pictures taken at the park. We've found some great parks here and Ben is having a lot of fun. We've been taking him swimming now that the pool is heated and he is such a strong swimmer! My goal is to see Ben swimming by the end of the summer. Right now he is just experimenting with putting his head under water, blowing bubbles, and doggie paddling while I support him. Its funny because he gets so excited while swimming that his mouth is wide open and he's just kicking and moving his arms as fast as he can. Its so funny and it reminds me of my childhood dog, Tiger, and his excitement to swim in our pool. LOL! He has so much energy and wants me to help him swim all over the pool and I don't know where he gets all his energy!

Ben has been asking "what's that?" all the time now and he repeats everything you say. We went to Walmart yesterday and the whole time we were going back and forth asking "what's that?" and answering each other. It was a lot of fun to see how happy it made him to play this game.

Ben loves to sing and will say "dance" and then start singing cuz he wants us to dance while he sings. It is so cute and you can't understand most of what he sings but he is super proud of himself. The other day he sang for a couple of us at a family party and after each song we would clap and cheer and he kept singing over and over so that we would cheer for him.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mary Kay YAY!!

Hi Friends and Family! I am selling MaryKay. I love the MaryKay products and have a ton of inventory to sell. You can visit my website to view the products. There are a lot of affordable gift ideas for the holidays that are coming up. Also, a great time to invest in taking great care of your skin. I have seen such a difference from using them and it feels good to know you're using quality products that REALLY work.

Thank you to all that have supported me thus far in my business adventures!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Good life.... and then some!

Ben and I are sitting together while I write this. I'm trying to get into a routine here in Vegas, but so far all I've managed is to "sort of" keep the house clean and keep Ben happy. But we've had some fun times too. I will post pics soon. This is the start of my goal to write here regularly like all of you, which I love reading the updates and fun times you are all having.

Highlights of the last little while:

~Today I got "shampoo-ed". After Ben's bath I put lotion on him and he called it shampoo. After we were done he wanted to put "shampoo" on me. He used his pretend shampoo that came out of his dresser drawer and rubbed it on my face and feet. He LOVES his feet rubbed with lotion. It was super sweet cuz his hands are so little and soft. I love him!

~Last night, in the middle of the night, Ben woke up crying. It was the first time this has happened where he told us he was scared. It was so cute and sad at the same time. He was able to tell us that he was scared cuz a dog bit him. Not sure where he got that from though. We had to take his dog stuffed animal and doggie car off his bed and put it in the living room. But the only thing that really made him feel better was a quick family prayer and his favorite primary and non-primary songs. He loves pretty much any primary song, but his favorites for us to sing to him on a regular basis are the "popcorn" song and Barney's "I love you" song. Not sure how those became the 2 songs to always sing and oh when we sing the "I love you" song we have to rub and scratch his head.

~He has started exploring the scared emotion though in the last couple of weeks. Saying while laughing "baby scared" if he gets surprised by something and with being in the dark. Its interesting to see cuz he used to never care about the dark which was always so strange to see a child not afraid of the dark because they don't have a reason to be or something. Not sure what causes the changes.

~He loves to ask mommy and daddy to fix things for him, but he says "fick-ixt". So cute!

~He also likes to pretend to cough and exaggerate his cough into a coughing fit and have us pat his back to help. He will say he is choking, but he says "baby focking". He is so dramatic and loves to act that I hope we can get him into some children's play once he's alittle bigger.

~We went near Mt. Charleston to visit the snow since its been in the 60's here and we miss Utah sometimes! We found a cool place near the ski resort and were just going to walk around. But we ended up finding a broken plastic sled that was enough of a sled to sit on and slide down the mountain. I know... super ghetto, right? :) But it was soooo much fun! Ben was all dressed up in his snow stuff (from last year!) and he and I sledded down a slope we found. Ben loved it cuz it was like a slide and he loves slides. Then he had brought his little toy airplane and decided to put his airplane on the sled and send it down the mountain. So funny! He also has enjoyed making ice cream cones out of play dough and he kept grabbing at the snow to make little balls that he called his ice cream. He loved eating the snow. This trip to the snow was so different and it was fun to see Ben having fun and I love his imagination.

~Benjamin loves trucks, airplanes and boats. He is such a boy! He is obsessing over some airplane that we were given second-hand from someone that we bought a desk from on craigslist back in the day. He takes it everywhere and sleeps and bathes with it. Too funny!

Well, I think this was a good start. Time for naps. I usually don't feel like napping but I got Ben's cold today and only a couple hours of sleep last night cuz I just couldn't get to sleep. I actually wasn't even tired yet when Ben woke up.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Here's some statistics ... although some of the numbers had to be assumed. Benjamin wears an average of 8 diapers a day (not counting the times he had the runs). Which means we have changed approximately 5840 dirty diapers. and at an average of 30 cents a piece, we have spent over $1,800 just in diapers ... that's not counting the wipes. ...... Baby's are VERY expensive .... but we love him and he's worth every diaper.

Seven Peaks

Well ... It's really sad that summer is coming to an end. Our season passes to Seven Peaks Water Park will soon be worthless. But we did make good use of them though. We went to Seven Peaks many times this summer and we all loved it. Here are a few pictures of us having fun at 7 Peaks. You will have to ignore Benjamins pink swim diapers. We accidentely bought him girly ones .. and we weren't going to return them ... and he doesn't know that he's wearing girly swim diapers.

I really wanted to get a picture of him on the red tyre because I like the colours .... but the water was freezing cold and Benjamin wasn't very happy. Nevertheless, I had to post this picture of the red tyre because its the only picture that I got ... sorry that he doesn't look happy.

Here's Benjamin getting a kiss from his Mommy !

I like this picture .. its one of my favourites.

He likes to count ... 1 2 3 ... and JUMP. He will do this over and over again. He really loves the water.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A quick note. I finally learned how to get Benjamin to play with his toys ... it is so easy now. All you have to do is start putting them away ... and suddenly he starts screaming and decides that he wants to play with them. I calculated that 1 hour of play time for Ben takes us 2 hours to clean it all up.
That is a poor return-on-investment .... so why bother ?? !!
I was in the mood to put some more pictures up. So I found some pictures of Ben doing some gardening. The following 2 pictures is of him wanting to cut the grass. Of course the push-type lawnmower wasn't manly enough for him, so he wanted to use the high powered ride-on tractor.

And now he's watering the tomato plants. He knows he has to fill the watering can first.

And if you're really strong .... you might be able to get the water into the tomato plant .... otherwise you take the short cut and water the concrete walk path.

Gardening is too hard for Benjamin. He'd would rather now use his hammer and try some handyman work ... perhaps the dinning room table needs a beating ?? .... and everything else around it ??