Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi Everybody!

Sorry its been a while since i've put anything on here but as you all know that life is really crazy now for us. Jen is working hard long hours at work and she is going to the gym to exercise. She is doing very well and has already lost a few pounds. We are also trying to eat more healthier. I am about finished with this summer semester at school. I have 4 weeks left and 8 tests left ..... 4 for Accounting and 4 for Business Law. I'm kinda stressing about it. Also, I will be having about 4 weeks off of school until the Fall Semester. During that time I will be searching for jobs and learning more about whats out there. Even though my major is Facilities Management, I think I want to focus on a Property Management career because there is no cap to income if I can establish my own business later in life. The only obstacle about Property Management is that I will have to get my Real Estate license in the state we end up moving to. Jen and I are excited for me to finish school so we can step to the next stone.

Here is a video clip of when Jed came to town this past May. We had tons of fun.ww As you can see in the video, we encounted an interesting animal. And our trip to Provo canyon. I hope you like my low cost solution for my windshield wiper repair.

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Sprout said...

This is the funniest! This is totally our Ashford (and now Cole!) family humor! I was laughing so hard! I love you guys!!!!!