Monday, October 13, 2008

The park is one of our favourite places to go. We try to encourage him to play on the toys, but he hasn't quite learned how to do that without our help. Instead, he finds it more fun to eat things that he finds on the ground.

In this following picture, he is running up the sidewalk that takes him to the park.

This must be a different day, because he's wearing a different shirt. But anyway, he really enjoys sitting on my shoulders and laughing out loudly. Sometimes he will hold onto my hair for extra support ... and it really hurts!

I'm very glad we got this picture. When Benjamin walks, He likes to hold up his arms like this and growl. We call him our little T-Rex !

Nothing makes him more happier than slidding down the slide. Of course he can't go by himself because he loses balance and smacks his head. So we have to support him as he descends.

This is a picture of Benjamin practicing for the Olympic Games
On your marks, gets set ... GO !!

He picked up a few friends at the park. He loves interacting with other children. Unfortuantely, he can't do all the things his friends can do, and he stayed at the bottom and looked up.

He couldn't make it up the red thing ... so he tried the stairs. He's very good at climbing stairs, but needs some practice getting down again.

Here's a flower for you Mom!
For some reason, he is obsessed with Marigolds. He picked this Marigold at home, and he held it in his hand almost the whole time.

Here, he's making a funny face with his mouth. We taught him how to do that. And look what he's holding in his hand ... the same Marigold !

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kristen said...

He is such a cute little boy! You guys need to come to the park in las's still 70-80 degrees here!