Monday, December 8, 2008

Halloween 2008

Hello! Its been a while and so we're trying to catch up. Here are some cute pics of Ben at Halloween.

Ben was a Knight and we did have a bigger candy bag for him, but he wanted the small one.

Look at that pose.

Here's all of us at Aunty Mo's ward Trunk or Treat. we had so much fun.

Ben loved the trick or treating. He caught on really quick and he loved the candy.

These are the pumpkins Ricky and I carved for Halloween.

Ooooo.... Scary!


Justin, Kira and Evan said...

the pumpkins are sooo funny!!!! I am sorry Ricky, I don't know if I ever answered your question from months ago ... yes, we eat pumpkin. Roast it up and eat it as is!

Maxfields said...

Wow! Good job!

mark and becky said...

Those pumpkins are awesome, and your little guy sure is cute! Jen, I need your email so I can send you a blog invite. -Becky (from the big room in 409) :o)

Lisa L said...

Jen, your little guy is adorable!! Lisa Leavitt (Kira's mom)