Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Good life.... and then some!

Ben and I are sitting together while I write this. I'm trying to get into a routine here in Vegas, but so far all I've managed is to "sort of" keep the house clean and keep Ben happy. But we've had some fun times too. I will post pics soon. This is the start of my goal to write here regularly like all of you, which I love reading the updates and fun times you are all having.

Highlights of the last little while:

~Today I got "shampoo-ed". After Ben's bath I put lotion on him and he called it shampoo. After we were done he wanted to put "shampoo" on me. He used his pretend shampoo that came out of his dresser drawer and rubbed it on my face and feet. He LOVES his feet rubbed with lotion. It was super sweet cuz his hands are so little and soft. I love him!

~Last night, in the middle of the night, Ben woke up crying. It was the first time this has happened where he told us he was scared. It was so cute and sad at the same time. He was able to tell us that he was scared cuz a dog bit him. Not sure where he got that from though. We had to take his dog stuffed animal and doggie car off his bed and put it in the living room. But the only thing that really made him feel better was a quick family prayer and his favorite primary and non-primary songs. He loves pretty much any primary song, but his favorites for us to sing to him on a regular basis are the "popcorn" song and Barney's "I love you" song. Not sure how those became the 2 songs to always sing and oh when we sing the "I love you" song we have to rub and scratch his head.

~He has started exploring the scared emotion though in the last couple of weeks. Saying while laughing "baby scared" if he gets surprised by something and with being in the dark. Its interesting to see cuz he used to never care about the dark which was always so strange to see a child not afraid of the dark because they don't have a reason to be or something. Not sure what causes the changes.

~He loves to ask mommy and daddy to fix things for him, but he says "fick-ixt". So cute!

~He also likes to pretend to cough and exaggerate his cough into a coughing fit and have us pat his back to help. He will say he is choking, but he says "baby focking". He is so dramatic and loves to act that I hope we can get him into some children's play once he's alittle bigger.

~We went near Mt. Charleston to visit the snow since its been in the 60's here and we miss Utah sometimes! We found a cool place near the ski resort and were just going to walk around. But we ended up finding a broken plastic sled that was enough of a sled to sit on and slide down the mountain. I know... super ghetto, right? :) But it was soooo much fun! Ben was all dressed up in his snow stuff (from last year!) and he and I sledded down a slope we found. Ben loved it cuz it was like a slide and he loves slides. Then he had brought his little toy airplane and decided to put his airplane on the sled and send it down the mountain. So funny! He also has enjoyed making ice cream cones out of play dough and he kept grabbing at the snow to make little balls that he called his ice cream. He loved eating the snow. This trip to the snow was so different and it was fun to see Ben having fun and I love his imagination.

~Benjamin loves trucks, airplanes and boats. He is such a boy! He is obsessing over some airplane that we were given second-hand from someone that we bought a desk from on craigslist back in the day. He takes it everywhere and sleeps and bathes with it. Too funny!

Well, I think this was a good start. Time for naps. I usually don't feel like napping but I got Ben's cold today and only a couple hours of sleep last night cuz I just couldn't get to sleep. I actually wasn't even tired yet when Ben woke up.

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