Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ben's tooth

Here is a closeup of Ben's new smile! This was taken during one of his adventures with pudding. I didn't mind since he was at the table and we had time for a bath afterwards. He had a lot of fun smearing that pudding everywhere especially on his face, hair and the table.

After I posted the garden pictures I realized there is one that shows Ben with his missing tooth and realized I never posted about such a significant event in his life. In September 2009 we noticed Ben had an infection in his mouth. We tried one dentist that was crazy and gave us an antibiotic and the infection went away and so we decided not to worry about it. Then with our move on Oct 2010 the infection came back. This time we found a child specialist and they immediately said it needs to come out. I was really sad thinking about my poor boy having to go through all that and losing a tooth so early, but a friend told me that her daughter had the same thing and it suited her and she was right. I miss his cute smile, but his new smile is super cute too! At the dentist visit he was given a medicine to sedate him and then he played for 45 minutes in the waiting room. I didn't really notice a difference in his behavior until we got into the room. In the play room the other kids were all getting loopy and one kid fell off his chair randomly while playing, but Ben seemed to be his same energetic self. In the room they gave him laughing gas and he loved putting the mask over his mouth and he just lay there not moving. They cleaned his teeth first and he was so content. Only one parent was allowed in and so Ricky waited in the waiting room. Then he slightly freaked out when they wiggled his tooth out, but it happened so fast and he had all that medicine to calm him that it was not really a big deal. We told him how cool he was to have his tooth out and he slept the rest of the day. We also had this done 2 days before we flew out for Christmas!!! When we got home he put his tooth that was inside the treasure box under the Christmas tree for the toothfairy. At first we were going to do his pillow but I thought there was no way it would stay under the pillow of a 3 year old and he'd probably end up swallowing it!! :) So, the toothfairy brought him the talking Woody doll (also what would a 3 year old do with money!) He was so excited to get the "present" from the toothfairy and a note (that Ricky wrote up) from the toothfairy.

The tooth in its treasure box under the tree.

Ben and Woody the next morning


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kristen said...

Hey Jen and Ricky! It's been way too long since I've said hello! I can't believe how much Ben has grown! What a lucky kid to get a visit from the tooth fairy so early. My girls would be jealous. :) I am glad to hear that you guys are in a better living situation and happy. That shooting story freaked me out. Good luck with your garden. I just bought a pot and some vegetable plants...I figure a pot is about all I can handle right now. :)