Monday, February 27, 2012

Ben's Magic Show

Here is Ben enjoying his popcorn while watching the show and waiting his turn. :) On Saturday Night, our ward did a talent show night. Since Ben loves to show off his magic tricks we asked him if he wanted to do his magic at the talent night and sing his favorite song, I am a Child of God. He was excited to do it! So we practiced a little routine and when Saturday night came he was super excited and went right up there and did it. I could tell he was a little nervous while doing it, but he did know exactly what he wanted to do and I'm just impressed he did it and wasn't shy about it at all. The place was packed full too. We are very proud of him!

Here is a link to video of his performance:
(oh and I'm his "beautiful assistant". LOL!
Every magician needs their beautiful assistant, right?!)

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and congrats again on the BABY GIRL!!!!