Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catch Up Time !

Hi Everyone! It's been a very long time since I have updated the blog. We have all been very busy, especially with school ending in about 2 weeks. I have a few projects that are due and I've been working very hard. Firstly, I must mention that Jen is the one who decorates the blog to make it pretty ... I got nothing to do with the girly ribbons and stuff !!

Our family is doing very well, and we are all very happy. Benjamin is growing so fast and he's learning knew things everyday. We love him so much. Here is a picture of him eating his breakfast.

Jen is doing very well at work, and she loves what she does. She has also been going to the gym a lot to work out. Her personal trainer has been working close with her to help her build muscle. She can now bench-press 90 lbs. When I saw her do that, I decided it was time that I started to work out too because she's going to over take me ! I been lifting iron since !

I finally graduate with a degree in Technology Management and Facilities Management. I am very excited to start working again, and begin providing for my family. I have applied for multiple jobs and haven't had much feedback ... I hope I can find a good job in these bad economic times.

Benjamin has a thing about shoes ... he has always loved shoes. We bought him a pair of green Crocs the other day and he loves them so much that he wants to sleep with them on. He also likes my snowboarding boots. Here is a picture of him getting ready for bed.

He likes to open the coat closet and pull all the shoes out. He then tries them on and walks around the house with them.

We went to the park last week to get some pictures of Ben. Here are a few of them.

He's good at walking .... but he's still learning how to walk up and down stairs. Here are a few slip-ups !

Sorry, I know its mean .... but I laughed when I saw these pictures. It never hurts him. He only gets upset when his hands get dirty, and he comes running to us so we can brush his hands off. However, when he fell this time, he got wood chips in his mouth ... and I don't think he liked the taste!
He loves to pretend he's talking on the phone. He would pick up random objects and put them to his ear and say .. "Hello?" and he will say "hello" over and over again. I don't know what object he is talking to in this picture. But obviously the other hand is an oven glove that he pulled out the drawer and put it on his hand.

You can't tell in this picture, but we have a baby gate that seperates the living room from the kitchen. He got smart enough to learn how to open the baby gate by jumping on it. It got very annoying, so we put the rocking chair in front of the gate to make it more difficult for him to open it. We later discovered that the rocking chair was a safety hazard because he climbed up on the chair and tried to go head first over the baby gate.

We wanted to drive up the canyon to play in the park. We have a special park we like to go. Its up in The Provo Canyon near the South Fork park. When we got there, there was still snow on the ground, and we weren't equipped with winter clothing. So we had to find another park. We randomly found this park that has nice walking trails along the Provo River and it was very pleasant. We went there to have a turkey wrap picnic, but we ended up eating in the car because it was windy and cold. Benjamin had fun playing with his soccer ball, and he has learned to throw it, and to kick it. The other day when we were in the cultural hall at Church, some other kids his age were trying to throw the basketball into the hoop and bouncing the ball like they should. Benjamin comes along and starts kicking it. Here are some pictures of our trip to the park.

This bridge is very old, and the planks of wood are poorly maintained. Benjamin kicked a plank and it knocked him off balance and he fell. He got splinters in his hand that we could never get out. It hurt him for a couple of days; I felt bad.

I think that catches you up on the last 2 months! The next 2 months will be adventurous too. We are going to New Jersey to attend my Sister-in-law's wedding, and a week after that we are going to Colorado for a family vacation. We are looking forward to it. When we get back, thats when I am hoping to have a job lined up, or continue to actively seek. Wish me Luck !! I promise I will update on here more often.


Stacie said...

oh awesome post! love all the pics and hearing about what you have been up to lately. Congrats on graduating! I hope you find a job! Cant wait to see you guys soon!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

YEAH FOR THE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so fun seeing you guys! Love you!

kristen said...

Ricky- good luck with graduation and job hunting!!! David graduates in a couple of weeks too!!! Those pictures of Ben falling on the stairs were great- don't you sometimes feel like a bad parent for taking pictures or video when your children are falling or crying, etc? I have some videos of the girls throwing tantrums....I'm sure people think, hello, why are you not holding your child? :) It was good to hear how you and Jen are doing. Have fun on your 2 family trips!!!!!

Heidi said...

Congrats on the graduation! Benjamin is getting cuter and cuter. Looks like you're having a wonderful time, and it was great to visit you guys. Have fun in Jersey and Colorado!

Natalie said...

Holy Cow. Benjamin is so cute. We sure miss you guys. Fun to see all the pictures.