Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can't believe its been like 4 months since my last blog entry ... sorry family and friends! Anyway, I've slapped some pictures on here that we have taken over the last 4 months of Benjamin. He is growing so fast that we can't keep up with him. Most of you have probably already heard that we are returning to Vegas to take the next step in our lives. We feel that the opportunities are limited in Utah County, and we don't really desire to move any further North. Vegas is the most sturdiest stone to jump to.
Anyway, here are the pictures. The following one was taken on a hike that we went on, and Benjamin was sitting in the toddler carrier. It's really hard carrying him in the toddler carrier because he jumps around so much that it gets very uncomfortable. All he wants to do is be on the ground, running around, and pick up rocks. But this particular day the ground was very muddy and we didn't want him to get muddy ... he didn't like that he had to stay in his carrier. The smile you see in the picture is probably the only smile he made on the whole trip.

Oh ... here's Jen carrying Benjamin in the carrier. Jen gave me a break by taking him. When we made the deal, she strategically failed to mention that the backpack that I now had to carry was significantely heavier than Benjamin !

Here he is playing at the park. He won't go anywhere without is purple phone. He calls it his "hello". He likes to pretend that he is talking to someone. This has been his favourite toy since Christmas 2008.

We were outside blowing bubbles. Here he is running around trying to catch them. He loves bubbles and he will play with them for hours.

This following picture proves that Benjamin DOES have some Ashford Genes !! Just 10 more minutes and 3 more chapters, Benjamin will have broken Jerom's record.

Here's Benjamin practicing to be a big brother by feeding Jude. He loves taking care of Jude, and making sure that Jude always has a blanket. Whenever Jude spits up, Benjamin will say ... "Ewww Sick"

This following picture was taken at the 4th July party. He loves hats !

Oh .. haha .. this is him being an explorer. His name is Explorer Benjamin. He is scouting the Provo Valley before sending forth his troops.


Stacie said...

is another baby on the way?? such adorable pix of benjamin. Really. thats awesome about going back to vegas, i hope you guys continue to stay strong in the church there too! HEY Emily Valentine, remember her? lives in north las vegas! idk if i am going there again this year or not but if i do i will let you know!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

when are you going to vegas??? How exciting for you guys! I can't wait to hear more. :-)