Sunday, January 16, 2011

And the new year begins... 2010 recap crazy stories of our life!

I still can't believe its 2011 already!! Ben is pretty much potty trained. Today at church he wanted to use the toilet by himself and didn't want me to follow him to the bathroom. Then he ran down the hallway to the bathroom. This was bathroom trip #2 and Ricky had taken him to the bathroom first into the men's bathroom. So, since Ben is running ahead of me he makes it into the Men's Bathroom!!! before I could get to him and he would not come out. LOL!! So, I had to wait in the hallway for him and it was pretty nerve racking letting him be in there all alone. I couldn't go back and get Ricky in case Ben came out while I was gone, plus Ricky was in Sacrament mtg.! So, I waited and after a few minutes he comes out and had gone pee. Hoping he peed in a toilet and not on anything or anyone, hoping he didn't put his hand all over a dirty toilet and that everything was ok in there!!! He was very proud of himself though and seemed to have more confidence in himself. Apparently he used the toilet during primary too and he did keep his pull-up dry the whole day.

I knew he was ready, but with all the changes that happened this last year, we were never stable enough to bring on this stressor for him, he was dealing with enough. We moved 4 times in the last year. From the only home he knew in Provo, Ut to Ricky's Parents house in Las Vegas, NV and then into an apartment in the SW part of town after Ricky was able to find a job. It was really hard, stressfull and overwhelming to deal with living out of suitcases with all our stuff packed away and then also not really knowing anyone in a new town and going from working full-time at an AMAZING job (seriously loved that job) and working out 3 times a week during lunch breaks, having Ricky around all the time and living in probably the best basement apartment in all of Provo and then leaving it all behind. We knew we were guided back to Vegas, but it was so hard to remember that when your life gets thrown into a tornado and everything is swirling around you in chaos. So, about 3 months after we moved into a great apartment, we were at my in-laws house for dinner and afterwards were watching a movie. Ricky was tired and all of a sudden was like "I'm tired and we NEED to go home NOW". The way he said this it was like ok let's go! He usually is not so abrupt and sometimes can be persuaded to finish the movie. Anyway, we get home and about 20 minutes later we hear gun shots and a woman screaming for help right outside our OPEN kitchen window. Ricky and I were close to the window and just dropped to the ground and then I looked up and saw Ben walking out of his room towards ME!! I had no idea what was going on. People upstairs are causing a lot of chaos too and so we thought maybe something was going on with them, but didn't know where the shooter had gone or was going to go. Every room in our apartment has windows or doors leading right to the incident. I have never felt more exposed and unsafe in my life. We hid in the master bath and called 911. About 5 mins and the cops and EMT were there and taking care of the scene. We were so shaken up!! and poor Ben was awake during the whole thing. Also, dogs started barking after the shooting and when Ben saw the lady on the floor he said that a dog hurt the lady. For weeks afterwards he would tell me that the dogs hurts that lady. It was sad, but we hadn't taught him anything about guns and so he didn't have any background to understand that a gun did it. But, Ben had to go to bed that night with police flashing blue and red light through his blinds lighting up his room. We felt a little ghetto that night. For weeks afterwards if Ben heard a dog he would get so scared and say "hurry hurry to the bathroom". He even liked to just act it out for fun and wanted us to sit in the bathroom just like we did that night. How horrible for my poor little child to have to experience this. Especially after leaving beautiful and peaceful Provo! So, then 3 days later our neighbor comes knocking on our door at 8pm telling us that he caught some kids with a skate board looking into our apartment through our living room window. We were home and in the living room at that time and the neighbor had called the cops. We were so freaked by everything that we packed up our things and camped out in Ricky's old room (all 3 of us) that night at his parent's house. How creepy to have someone looking into your apartment watching you live your private life!! The next day we went to the managers and asked to move to an upstairs apartment. We found a good one and moved again!! That was #3 in 6 months. We had tons of problems with our neighbors in that apt, because they said we made too much noise. Ummm....hello, we have a 3 yr old!! Yeah... they didn't get it. But at least we didn't have to worry about shooters or peeping toms. So the lady was shot 2 times in the stomach and survived. It was a random attack, apparently they followed her in and tried to steal her purse and she didn't know them. 3 days later they were caught and one was shot and killed, the shooter arrested. We still don't know who the peeping tom was, but noticed they had new renters for that apartment within a week. Then in October 2010 we moved into a beautiful house and seriously to be renting a house vs. an apt is no comparison. A house rules!! Its soooo much better and we are loving it. We even have a little back yard that Ben is doing very well playing in. Although, he really needs a playmate. :) Can we say Brother or Sister for 2011?! Hopefully, we starting trying about a year ago right before the shooting happened and then it just didn't happen. After about 4 months or so we just kind of let it go considering how stressful everything already was.

More crazy stories to come... What a year and I'm glad to never have to redo it. Yuck!!! I have a good feeling about this year. Especially since I got to start off the New Year with all my family in New Jersey, then come home to great surprises and a Husband with a great work schedule compared to last year and then right off the bat I get to see one of my most dear and best friends, Kira, and her mom Lisa while they visited here because of a family reunion. It was such precious time to be able to see her and talk and visit.


Stacie said...

thanks for your family update! Ricky must not get on fb much bc i write him sometimes and never hear back :-/ SO glad he has a good job tho and that you guys are out of that scary apt! Yikes!! Hope great things happen to you and your family in 2011. Take care!

Kira said...

I still can't believe all those things happened to you!!!! What a great time it was with you. Too short, but wonderful!!