Sunday, December 12, 2010

Halloween...alittle late. LOL!!!

Here are some pics of our Halloween this year. We are also creating albums on Facebook to be able to post more. So, add us as friends and you can check 'em out. (Jennifer Cole and/or Ricky Cole)

Trunk or Treat. He is in love with Buzz and Toy Story!!

Ben on the bungee cords ride. Not sure what its called, but he flew super high in the air over and over again because the worker would bounce him. He kept asking to go higher and was never afraid. He would have gone all night too!! even though it was freezing cold and we forgot to have him wear socks!! It was truly amazing. I wanted to do it too!!

The pumpkin patch gives the kids a coloring page to color and bring back and you get a free ride. Here's his pumpkin. He said it was his scary pumpkin!! He liked the gray pumpkins they had at the pumpkin patch because we told him they were scary pumpkins. LOL!!

Picking out a pumpkin. :)

The carving pumpkins night!!