Sunday, August 21, 2011

Memories...remembering my wonderful roomies of #409

Tonight I watched the 25th Anniversary edition of Les Miserables. I love love LOVE Les Mis!!! The story and the music is beautiful. It brought back memories of being introduced to it at BYU, in Apt #409 at The Colony by my roommate Kira!! So, not only did I enjoy watching this concert, but I got to enjoy memories of my bestest friends and coolest apartment! 

Thinking of you all tonight :) 

               Kira, Heidi, Becky, Shelley, Megan, Jennalee, Kate, Natalie...


Kira said...


.... and you totally made me teary. I miss those days!

Becky said...

I have great memories from that apartment! My baby sister started classes at BYU yesterday, and I've been thinking about my experiences and memories from the Y a lot lately.