Monday, January 30, 2012

And the Verdict is...

We're having a GIRL!!!!!

Check out the Ultrasound pics at my Facebook page:

Videos soon to come, since it takes years to upload to youtube.

We are beyond excited and I've already got my plans for decor in her little space of the house. :-)

The first picture I absolutely love the birds (or fancy butterflys?) going up the wall. I want to do something similar.

This second and third pictures shows a butterfly mobile with the butterflys on the wall. Totally love that!! Ours will have to be colorful since we have practically white walls and I love you can make it yourself. Not sure if I'll do the birds or butterflys. They are both so cute!
I love the tropical Hibiscus flower and would love to incorporate them by maybe painting a few on mini-canvases as a picture arrangement on one of the walls. and then a few wood block letters of her name. Can you tell I'm excited for her to come?! :-)

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