Tuesday, August 26, 2008


They said that when a child is nearing it's first birthday that they will start imitating the people that they love. Well ... after looking at this picture ... i am unsure whether he is pretending to be a chef ... a construction worker ... or a soldier. Neither Jen or myself are any of the above .... so I don't know who he's trying imitate

We took Ben to feed the ducks with our bread surplus that we accumulated. We all had great fun ... except Benjamin thought that feeding the ducks was a waste of bread. He kept eating it himself.

Yeah .. I can't tell from this picture if he's about to throw the bread to a duck ... or attempting to put it in his mouth. I think the ducks got rather frustrated!

Oh here you go ... a picture of Benjamin and his Dad. Of course Benjamin is too busy eating the duck food to smile for the camera.

And here's Mom too !

There were these little ducklings too ... 12 of them total. We threw them some bread crumbs but they didn't eat it. They would look at it ... and ignore it. Then another couple came and threw popcorn at them and they chowed the popcorn as if they had never eaten before. I guess the ducklings are Gluten Intolerant


Linley and Austin said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun! Where did you guys go??? I bet Kylie would be in heaven! Funny pic of him in his sweet hat and weapons in hand :) We need to get together again!

kristen said...

I'm so glad you told me about your blog, Ricky! Great pictures. Benjamin is such a handsome little boy! It was nice to get an update on you and Jen. Looks like you guys are doing great. I miss all the great things you can do in Utah.