Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Benjamin 3 yrs old!!! Family Pictures...

Here are some pictures of Ben at 3 yrs old and our yearly traditional family photos.

Our Family October 2010...

Ben wanted to be the photographer and so this was the result. Pretty good!!

Awwww! Daddy and son

Love his facial expressions!!

Natural cutie!!

Outside our apartment playing with his new scooter he got for his birthday!!


voiceofangel said...

He's an adorable kid! Congrats! :D What did you guys do for his bday? My niece just celebrated her 4th, but I still haven't put up pics from birthdays this entire year!

Stacie said...

aww i love the pix! He is super cute. Ricky is looking good too and so are you - I love your hair! Great to see some updated pics :)